Black Diamond UX workshop: words and web

This month I took part in Black Diamond’s UX workshop, learning all about the ‘hierarchy of content’ and ‘information architecture’ (buzz word overload, right?)

To sum up, when building a new website for a client we have to ask the following questions about our user-generated content:

  • Who are our users?
  • How will users consume this content? By their desk, on their commute?
  • How will they hear about it? What social media will we use to spread the word? How will we make the content shareable?
  • What’s our ‘tone of voice’? Will our content be consistent or will we include multiple styles?
  • How often will we produce content? Will our content strategy be themed?

I’m fascinated by all this as content marketing is not only vital to modern day PR but actually the same thing. The other day I read on Copyblogger that “great copywriting is the new SEO, as it gets you positive links from others. And blogging is a new form of public relations, and PR depends on great copywriting…” so, turns out it’s all intertwined anyway in a wonderful mess of words and web…


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