SFMOMA London launch event

Culture drives travel. More and more people choose holidays based on films they’ve seen, new exhibitions they’ve heard about or a book they’ve read (a medium that arguably paints a picture of a place better than an advert could do). It’s so important to promote the cultural offering of a destination – this is a huge draw for bucket listers who are deciding where to go next.

On 14th May the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will reopen after three years of expansion, revealing some of the most iconic and important art in the world – from Matisse to Warhol to O’Keefe to Martin to Diebenkorn and more. As UK representatives of San Francisco, Black Diamond organised the launch event at Ice Tank in Covent Garden, inviting contacts from the travel industry, media and our Californian clients.

Speakers included Janet Bishop, curator of painting and sculpture, and Simon Ewings, senior architect at Snøhetta. Bishop spoke of the process behind the careful selection of the collection and how it embraces the old and the new – displaying Matisse’s Femme au Chapeau next to a Rothko – and how the museum will celebrate local Californian art with a large part of the work from within the state’s radius. Ewings then took us through his design decisions – probably details that the average visitor wouldn’t even think to consider – such as the choice of soft lighting and the attempt to completely eradicate fire extinguishers and light switches so that the museum experience is kept as pure as possible. My favourite fact? The strange textured material that covers the new museum’s outer walls was actually inspired by the rippling waters of the San Francisco Bay.

I can’t wait to see it for myself.

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