How Wales Got Cool

Did anyone see this a few summers ago?

I used to represent a large portion of Wales. Hailing from the Brecon Beacons National Park, I felt like I was helping my home town everytime I met a journalist and raved about my favourite childhood haunts.

One weekend in July I was lucky enough to host a press trip in sunny Pembrokeshire with the content editor of Telegraph Travel, Lizzie Porter. It was the highlight of my year – after jumping off cliffs with Preseli Venture I came back to London feeling like those turquoise waters (yes, in Wales) had completely flushed out any negativity. Not to mention Lizzie is fantastic company and a great journalist.

As well as her commissioned piece, which included a fantastic piece of video content, she felt so inspired by our fair country she wrote an entirely new piece on ‘How Wales Got Cool‘ including a little reference plugging our ferocious PR work (spot it?)

It’s definitely an achievement I am very proud of, personally and professionally. And I tweet it out every St. David’s Day to remind people that, yes, Wales is cool.


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