Yoga review: Rebel Studio

What’s it all about?

A powerful new yoga duo are opening a studio in Kings Cross in September, offering something fresh in London’s burgeoning yoga community.

Why’s it different?

Rebel Studio was founded by ex-dancer Jacqui Hooper and osteopath Bernie Russell and their combined skills make for a unique, slow sequence practiced to music (think rocket yoga energy teamed with tai-chi control). The two teachers lead the classes at the same time, which means one teacher guides whilst the other scours the room with hands-on adjustments if needed. Each student receives quality guidance and personal encouragement for each pose. The class also finishes with a 10 minute neck massage for each student – what’s not to love?!

Who does it suit?
The level is intermediate – with options for easier or harder variations – but classes will always be kept to 22 maximum so each student is guaranteed enough individual care and attention.

Where can I do it?
Rebel Studio currently teach 1.5 hour sessions at The Place (Euston) on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, charging an £18 drop-in fee with cheaper package options available. In April, Rebel Studio launched a Crowdfunder campaign to open their own boutique studio in Kings Cross. They made £10,540 of their original £7,000 target in 21 days:

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