Side projects: the secret motivation

This month I’ve had a revelation. If you’re craving more of a creative output outside of 9-6 restrictions, you’re looking to learn a new skill beyond your job title or you just want an excuse to spend more time with an inspiring friend who shares the same hobby, side projects are the way forward.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve embarked on a yoga project with my friend/colleague. Within 10 days we’d pencilled a business plan, executed market research and already looked into freelancers and industry contacts (and friends) who could help. We may not become famous entrepreneurs (although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t day dream about it) but I’ve realised that getting really stuck into a project is a fantastic way to keep motivated. In order to get this project off the ground, I’ll have to learn design skills, how to build and manage a website and maybe even how to code (god help me).

If nothing else, this new endeavour has shown me what an incredible pool of talented contacts/friends I have available in London. I’ve been overwhelmed by the advice and support I have found by talking to people about the idea in my kitchen, at the pub, at networking events or even (sneakily) during my day job.

Run as fast as you can from stuff you hate. Patiently do interesting things whether or not you get paid for it – says this Medium blog.

On top of this, I’ve begun approaching editors with freelance writing ideas. I’ve already received two commissions and an offer to help build up my portfolio. The next few months are going to be manic, did I mention I also have a demanding full time job?

If you’re interested in yoga, would like to help us out and have a spare 10 mins to answer some questions, please get in touch!


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