I’ve led journalists bog snorkelling in Wales, written an entire website for Casio, built a bike out of bamboo, worked as arts editor for an app, and road tripped across California with five famous influencers. I lived in Paris for a year and since then I’ve hot desked from across the world, be it Montreal or Sofia, speaking French or Spanish whenever the opportunity (or company) allows.

So, it’s hard to sum up. But everything I do I approach with creative gumption.

My experience covers PR, journalism, copywriting and content marketing. I have worked with national and international tourism boards, hotels, food/drink companies, galleries, museums, restaurants, art festivals, wellness warriors, luxury lifestyle and budding startup brands.

I thrive when jumping from project to project, avoiding the pigeonhole, with a hunger for clever content. The media industry is continually changing and I believe in riding the wave of the digital revolution instead of fighting it, which is why I love covering cultural travel stories for online ‘millennial media’ titles with finely targeted audiences.

I have written travel, arts and lifestyle stories for Conde Nast Traveller, STYLIST, Amuse (VICE), SUITCASE, Aesthetica, About Time, The Spaces, The Week, OnOffice and Casquette (with lots more to come). I take all my own photos using my trusty Google Pixel and my Contently profile is here.

I am available for freelance opportunities, whether that’s writing catchy copy, helping to promote your brand to the right audience or providing invaluable social media expertise.

I also love connecting people, so if you’re looking for anything from a good hotel in Amsterdam to a cafe in Seoul to a great yoga teacher in San Francisco, I can help.