PR client: Go Jauntly

Myself and my fantastic colleague/business partner Tamsin have been working with walking app Go Jauntly for 6 months now.

As two people who hail from the mountains and crave the countryside on a weekly (daily) basis, they are a perfect match for us. Merging tech, wellness, travel and the outdoors, we’re in heaven.

We’ve already generated some amazing press with more to come. Here are some highlights:



Ong: new yoga brand

Ong is a new yoga business gearing up for transatlantic domination along with an app, retail brand and more.

Given my expertise in yoga (I’m obsessed and have been for 8 years) I was delighted to be brought on to help Ong develop their Tone of Voice, naming and content strategy. It’s basically a dream job for me.

The London studio opens in the spring/summer, so watch this space…

Appear Here: veganism for the masses, art world entrepreneurs & illustrators to watch

As always, Appear Here gave me some fantastic projects this month. I was lucky enough to interview the fantastic Georgia Spray, founder of Partnership Editions, write about the vegan movement and name the top illustrators to watch including my absolute favourite Alexandria Coe.


M Collection: Tone of Voice guidelines


Our hotels serve as springboards for stories across the world.

Forget hospitality industry jargon – we are welcoming in the true sense of the word. Streams of guests from all walks of life will form our footfall. We recognise and encourage this rich variety – we stand open.

Our brand induces creativity; a stay with M Collection should be considered a blank canvas to layer on thick with ideas and experience.



When we talk to our customers, we imagine enticing a friend to book onto that dream trip. The tone should inspire without an ounce of pretence, offering up secret tips so precious you’re tempted to keep them to yourself.

Sentences should be short and clear but include a flicker of personality in each nugget to keep the discerning audience engaged. Our brand personalities are the creator, the everyman and the jester – our tone should reflect their energy with enthusiasm.

We use imperatives to show we know our stuff (“Don’t miss…”) and we’re not afraid to be playful (“You’ll never believe…”). Write informally but don’t slide into sloppy – our copy is easy to digest (“We know you’re itching to…”) but don’t forget that overall it has to be helpful (“The best kept secret in Singapore…”). We want our readers to relate to the content but recognise it’s coming from a trusted source; this means balancing the friendly with the genuinely useful. Sentences should mix up fun tidbits (“Yes, Singapore gets steamy…”) with actual facts (“This rooftop pool is packed on Sundays, so get there midweek if you can…”)



Our brand personalities are colourful, cheeky and warm; the same characteristics should come across in our tone of voice. When we speak to our audience we never forget who we’re catering for: creators, jesters and the everyman. Overall, M Collection copy should sound human; our hotels are places where people should feel free to be themselves, so we speak honestly and openly. Keep in mind the following three key pillars:


1. Enlightening & engaging 

The M Collection guest sees the world with wide eyes – they are plucky but not naive. They take joy in the anticipation and revel in the thrill of the unknown. Fuelled by an itch for adventure, they are on the hunt for a deep experience. Our brand responds with ideas; we feed and we stir.


  • Use a variety of lively adjectives
  • Keep it coloquial and chatty
  • Don’t be afraid to start sentences with ‘And’ or ‘But’
  • Use the occasional exclamation point (but don’t over do it!)


2. Open & sincere 

Variety is the spice of life. We celebrate difference and invite diversity through our doors. The M Collection acts as platform for a tribe to flourish, united by an appetite for genuine connections. Our brand has an acute awareness of our people and our planet; we welcome and we care.


  • Remember we’re speaking to a wide range of people – leave any personal judgement at the door
  • Avoid alienating certain groups through cultural references (e.g. age, gender, sexuality etc)
  • Highlight that we invite feedback – we give the power back to the customers
  • Be honest and manage expectations to gain trust (e.g. no hotel spa, pool etc)


3. Spirited & savvy

Guests light up our rooms and fill our hotels with energy. They research, they travel with confidence and remain flexible to avoid rigid schedules. M Collection rides the wave of evolving technologies and approaches the new with ease. Our brand is as agile as our guests’ lifestyles; we adapt and we soar.


  • Use active, imperative verbs in most sentences
  • Don’t patronise – generally we’re talking to seasoned travellers
  • Insert rhetorical questions as if engaging in conversation
  • Add value and be niche – give them a valuable tip they won’t get from guide books





Bad: Our beautiful hotels are for making memories – discover your dream destination.

Good: You may think you know Singapore but let us show you something…


Bad: Did you know Singapore has the biggest Yakult bottles in Southeast Asia?

Good: Forget Boat Quay – the locals would never dream of heading there. Your best bet for great food is a hawker centre…


Bad: Sun-dappled skyscrapers tessellate into an awe-inspiring puzzle of shapes and colours.

Good: If you’re looking for the ultimate Instagram shot, the Band of Doodlers graffiti wall makes the perfect monochrome backdrop.


Bad: We guarantee the best views in the city for a breathtaking sunset you’ll never forget.

Good: You may be too busy exploring the city to spend hours at the hotel, we know, but our bar is a pretty good place to settle down with a cocktail as you plan for the next day.




Design; energy; explore; connect; creative; fresh; bright; vibrant; ideas; dream; conjure up; inspire; curious; open; chill; freedom; attitude; human; tech; personal; modern; diversity; innovation; good; cool; traveller; flexible; contemporary; appetite; community; people; variety; richness; dynamic.


Discover; tourist; luxury; beautiful; hidden gem; traditional; customer; heritage; budget; fashionable; fine dining; gastronomy; breathtaking; trendy; memories; paradise; client; chic; delicious; libation; visitor; quirky; off the beaten track; rest and relaxation; unique; offerings; eatery.