I was interviewed by Cosmo about the difficulties of freelancing

Cosmo interviewed me (no, not for dating tips) for an article called ‘Why is no-one talking about the dark side of side hustling?’

I talked about the ‘all on me feeling’ and the never ending doom of freelance guilt. It’s not all bad, but there are definitely days I want to sack it all off and run away!

Refinery 29: I Went To A Music Festival Abroad On My Own

The online women’s mag were looking for female solo travel ideas so I pitched going to a festival alone. In a country of introverts: Finland. Turns out I love being alone even more than I thought (I made zero friends). Read it here. And the comments are lovely!

Blog posts for Appear Here: ‘Ethical Pub,’ Candy Kittens, Levi’s & more

Plenty of amazing entrepreneurs featured (and interviewed) in my recent blogs for Appear Here, including LF Markey, Paloma Wool, Candy Kittens, The Alchemist Atelier, and The Green Vic. 

Other thought pieces included ‘Why brands are choosing undercover pop-ups’ and ‘How brands can trendjack a sporting moment.’ 

New freelance role: Editorial Producer at Safara

Working part-time for travel startup Safara, I manage their blog (https://editorial.safara.travel), newsletter and Instagram content. This means interviewing Insiders, writing travel guides, auditing copy, developing the marketing strategy, assisting on brand partnerships, and more.

This is the first contract role I’ve taken on since going freelance two years ago. Flipping the hotel booking model on its head, Safara is set to make waves in the travel industry this year. I’m excited to be a part of it. Watch this space.